November 28, 2023

Find the Latest in Comfort with Electric Blankets and Throws

The invention of electric blankets is a technological advance that has made life easier for millions across the country. Some people wonder if electric blankets are worth considering. They can be useful if you are always cold or when you want extra warmth. A simple warm blanket may not provide you with the comfort and cushioning of electric blankets. Yes, there are wires, but the warmth provided by the electric blanket is worth it.

Most manufacturers offer you reliable electric blankets that are safe to use. In the past, there has been an overheating problem, which has been curbed with the latest electric blankets on the market. In addition, additional features have made electric blankets even more advanced and safer to use. Here are our top picks.

The best electric blankets on the market

Sunbeam velvet soft heated blanket

This state-of-the-art product is soft and cushioning. It heats up quickly and has the ability to automatically adjust to your ideal temperature. The blanket has an impressive 20 heat settings and an automatic on/off setting. Dual control helps you and your partner choose your settings separately according to your needs. The blanket is dryer and washing machine resistant.

Biddeford’s MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

This heated blanket has 10 heat settings. It automatically shuts off after 10 hours to ensure maximum savings. You can choose your ideal temperature and the blanket will always stay at this level. It heats up quickly and has a digital display that makes it convenient. The temperature range is wide. You can wash the blanket in the washing machine.

SoftHeat’s microfleece low-voltage electric blanket

This is the best energy saving blanket on the market because it only uses 25 volts. The king and queen size blankets have two controls that are easy to understand. Thanks to the placement of the wires, the heating takes place evenly. There is a pre-heating function, but it takes longer to heat up. Their blankets are washable and tumble dryer safe.

A luxurious Serta soft warming blanket

This product also helps to save energy. It uses a low voltage mechanism. It has a backlit screen to help you adjust in the dark. The wires are well attached and thin. This ensures that you won’t feel the cords when you pull the blanket over. This will help you sleep peacefully without any disturbance. There is also a preheating option.

The best electric blankets

Listed below are some of the latest and greatest throws on the market.

Sunbeam heated micro plush

This throw is made of soft polyester that is very soft. It is able to keep you warm a little longer, even if you turn off the heating. It has three setting levels: low, medium and high. It turns off after 3 hours. It comes in 18 colors and works great. It is easy to use and comes with a ThermoFine Warming heating mechanism.

Reversible heated throw Sunbeam

This heated throw from Sunbeam will help you stay cozy on your sofa. The throw is very fluffy and soft. It has a heat detection method that knows when to adjust the temperature. The cord is 6 feet long, which is useful if the power source is far from the sofa. The upper part of the throw is made of mink and the lower part is made of sherpa.

When choosing electric blankets and throws, you need to consider their use and type. While most blankets come in a variety of sizes, others may be limited. If you are not going to use them for a long time, it is better to reconsider the waste. However, always choose high-quality electric blankets so that you can sleep comfortably and evenly warm all night. Sunbeam blankets and throws are known for their fantastic performance, which makes them stunning. Warm up your winter nights with any of these quality products and give yourself a refreshing sleep.

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